Jewellery care


These simple tips will help keep your Meadow Glow piece looking its very best

Remove Your Jewellery when: 

  • Swimming 
  • Showering
  • during physical activities (running, exercising, hiking, gardening,...)
  • Sleeping
  • using chemicals: perfume, boty lotion, cream, shampoo, ...


When you are not wearing your Meadow Glow piece, please store it in de box it came in. In a cool, dark place away from sunlight, heat and moisture. Do not store your piece in the bathroom.

Always clean your piece before storing. Use a generic micro fiber cloth or lens cloth and gently rub across the surface until the shine has been restored.

Cleaning Gold filled Jewellery

Gold filled jewellery should be cleaned a few times a year, or whenever you feel it needs it. Body oils, dead skin cells & perspiration can cause a build up in between fine chain links, which may cause your piece to appear dull. I recommend putting the chain of your piece (not the pendant) under warm water & gently rub the chain with a soft, baby tooth brush or cotton tip to get into the all fine links & clean them. Do not rub gold fill jewellery harshly with a jewellery cleaning cloth as this could damage your item.

Again, take extra care around perspiration, salt, chlorine, perfume and lotions. Jewellery like chokers and bracelets, which are tight against the skin, are prone to more contact and may need to be cleaned more frequently.


A soft cloth can be used to buff the piece and bring out its original shine.

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