Elke Baillieu

Hi, I'm Elke and I am passionate about making beautiful, nature-inspired jewellery where fashion & sustainability can coexist. Endlessly inspired by mother nature I'm designing and making jewellery that’s an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream jewellery. 

Jewellery for nature lovers and botanical daydreamers 

Skilled craftsmanship is poured into each piece of nature inspired jewellery I make by hand in my home studio in Ostend, Belgium. My jewellery is for those seeking out original jewellery to treasure and keep.
I draw my inspiration from the quiet beauty of nature. Glinstering early morning dewdrops, the elegance of sun speckled meadows and the gentleness of wildflowers dancing in the wind. It is these delicate, brief yet precious moments I wish to capture and express in my jewellery. I make my jewellery using real wildflowers, botanical curiosities and precious metal 14K gold fill. Each piece of jewellery is just like every flower, petal and leaf. Entirly unique and infused with it's own story, no two pieces will be exactly alike. 

A greener world 

I care deeply about the world around us, and use earth-friendly alternatives in both my jewellery pieces and packaging. I am using an eco-friendly preserving technique derived from sustainable sources. I'm proud to call my jewellery an earth-friendly product. Your purchase will be delivered in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging which is as kind to the environment as it is beautiful. I don’t believe that luxury needs to be wasteful.

pressed flowers in the meadowglow studio

My process 

Each piece is entirely handcrafted by myselfand this process can take several days depending on the complexity of each design. It all starts with collecting flowers and botanicals from Flanders wild meadows.The found botanicals are carefully preserved by myself using different techniques in order to retain their original colour and form. The next stage in the process is casting the flowers using a unique and eco-friendly technique. I always use high quality 14K gold fill chains and findings. That way you can enjoy your jewellery for many years to come.


Following the slow fashion philosophy, I don't release new collections with each season but rather with each wave of inspirationWith every Meadow Glow treasure you purchase, you will recieve a unique piece of jewellery infused with its own story. Handmade with love and care, for you to treasure the years to come.  
With love,
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