sterling silver moon necklace
moon necklace
tiny moon necklace

Wildflower moon necklace

Regular price €80,00

In this tiny and elegant necklace I captured white and pink toned wildflowers between fine layers of eco resin. It all begins with collecting and preserving the wildflowers gathered from my local meadows. Everything is pressed and dried to retain its natural colours and details in the best way possible. 

The flowers carefully arranged in a moon shaped frame - creating something new and unique each time. The resin will protect all natural elements from any kind of aging and has a glass like finish. The little moon hangs on a sterling silver chain, sparkling as it catches the light. 

  • pendant + chain is high quality sterling silver
  • length of the moons is  1 cm 
  • handmade in Belgium, inspired by the quiet beauty of nature

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